CarFax Trade-In Value

Sell your vehicle to Ferman and you’ll get as much as $3,500 MORE than your Carfax History-Based Trade-In Value. Trade in your ride and Ferman will give you an additional $1,000!
When it’s time to sell your vehicle turn to Ferman. The Bay Area’s trusted car dealer for over 100 years.

OFFER NOT AVAILABLE TO VEHICLE BROKERS OR WHOLESALERS. Ferman 10-Minute Appraisal Bonus promotion is available exclusively for Guests who sell or trade their vehicle at any Ferman dealership. All prior sales excluded. Clean Florida electronic title with no liens to qualify for same day payment. When selling a vehicle to Ferman, Ferman will take the Carfax History-Based Value of your vehicle and add to it a Ferman Bonus of at least $1,000 and up to as much as $3,500.  The maximum Bonus varies according to the vehicle’s model year, as follows – (1) for vehicles with a model year of 2015 or newer, the maximum Bonus can be up to $3,500, (2) for vehicles model year 2009 – 2014, the maximum Bonus can be up to $2,500, and (3) for vehicles model year 2008 or older, the minimum Bonus amount of $1,000 will be provided. To receive the Bonus, Guest must complete an in-person 10-Minute Appraisal and receive Ferman’s written offer, and the Bonus amount provided will be based on the overall condition of the vehicle (but shall never be lower than $1,000). Vehicle condition as input by the Guest into the Carfax valuation tool must be substantially accurate as determined in the reasonable opinion of the Ferman appraisal personnel, and vehicle condition at time of purchase by Ferman (or trade-in) must be substantially identical as it was at the time Ferman issued the appraisal offer to the Guest. When trading-in the vehicle on the purchase or lease of another vehicle at a Ferman dealership, Ferman will add an additional $1,000 to the aforementioned Bonus values. Ferman requires valid proof of ownership at the time of sale or trade, and you must bring your current registration listing you as the owner. Guest is responsible for payment of the amount by which his or her finance lien balance amount (or lease buy-out payment amount) exceeds the Ferman total offer amount. Bonus offer is valid for 3 days or 150 miles and expires at 8PM on the third day after the date of the Ferman written offer, or upon the vehicle’s odometer reading more than 150 miles than on the Ferman written offer, whichever comes first. The Carfax History-Based Value or Ferman 10-Minute Appraisal estimates do not constitute an offer to purchase your vehicle. Ferman, at its discretion, may opt-out of the offer if any disparities are discovered. Estimates are based on user provided information and the offers are not firm until the purchase agreement has been signed by the Guest and Ferman. Ferman is not responsible for internet malfunctions or typographical errors.